Events Calendar

Annual Events

Every year, Duke BLSA is involved in the following events:

Admitted Students Weekend (ASW)
During Admitted Student Weekend, Duke Law School invites newly admitted students to visit and discover the school. The weekend is filled with opportunities to visit classes, receive advice from
current students, and explore the city of Durham. At ASW, current Duke BLSA students provide lodging for admitted students interested in joining BLSA. Duke BLSA also hosts a congratulatory dinner and a fun social event.
Mentor/Mentee Program
This program is a long-standing Duke BLSA tradition. Incoming 1Ls are paired with a second- or third- year law student, who will facilitate the new student’s acclimation to law school.
Mentees and mentors are matched based on professional goals and common interests.
Mentors provide advice in many areas pertinent to law school, career goals, and life in general.
Black History Month
During Black History Month, all Duke Law students have the opportunity to attend programs/panels
that provide career advice, present black culture and explore social issues affecting the
black community.
General Body Meetings
This is a monthly event where the Executive Board informs all Duke BLSA members of upcoming events and agenda items. During General Body Meetings, current Duke BLSA students also provide timely advice to 1Ls in many areas, including finals, course selection and the summer job search.
Gavel Ceremony
During the Gavel Ceremony, graduating Duke BLSA students reminisce about their time at Duke Law School at this semi-formal event. They also receive a gavel as a send-off present. In 2020, Duke BLSA was able to host the event virtually to recognize our graduates and recognize each of them for
their contribution to the law school.