Meet the Exec Team (2022-2023)

Shaun Wu

Club President

Class of 2023 (BME and Chem minor)

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Why BJJ?

I have wrestled since I was in 7th grade and throughout high school. When I came to college, I realized how much I missed grappling and decided to join the Duke Jiu Jitsu club. It was one of the best decisions I made at Duke because it allowed me to continue my passion for grappling and become part of a close-knit and fun-loving community!

Andrew Gao

Club Vice President

Class of 2023 (Computer Science/Music minor)

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Why BJJ?

I started BJJ during my senior year in high school as I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art. I was pulled into it by a family friend who was a blue belt at the time, and he killed me at my first class. I’ve loved it ever since!

Neil Kelly

Outreach Officer

Class of 2023 (Data Science Major)

Home Town: Durham, NC

Why BJJ?

My friend convinced me to start training, and I really loved how technique and strategy could mitigate even a large gap in physical strength. As a grappling art, we have the ability to spar at full force with little risk of injury, which has got to be the best fun any sport has to offer. I’ve met tons of amazing people through BJJ and plan to train for years to come.

Amy Fulton

Social Media Officer

Class of 2025 (Neuroscience and Global Health major)

Hometown: Hudson, OH

Why BJJ?

I started martial arts and self defense several years ago, and realized that I wanted to focus more on grappling. I was also looking for fun new clubs and ways to meet people at Duke! I tried BJJ, fell in love with it, and now here we are!