Living Learning Community welcomes Illinois Representative Dan Lipinski

The Visions of Freedom LLC is a group of Duke students with a passion for politics, philosophy, and economics.  They believe that thoughtful conversation shouldn’t be limited to the classroom, and have created a space for not-too-serious intellectual conversations.  Members of the community explore their shared interests during social events, informal meals, a house course, discussion groups, and off-campus trips.

The Visions of Freedom LLC is located in Edens 1A, a convenient location boasting Pitchforks, Bella Union, The Bolt, and its own gym.  Any current Duke undergraduate is invited to apply.  Look for information about recruitment on the AVI blog.

Every fall, the LLC offers a house course that is open to all students. The topic for fall 2019 is “Preservation and Progress.”

AVI has supported the community since its creation in 2016, providing logistical support and funding.  AVI Director, Michael Gillespie, serves as the faculty advisor.



Students discuss the origins of political ideologies during the Visions of Freedom House Course

Watch a video about the living learning experience.