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Lawrie Balfour explores freedom in the novels of Toni Morrison

Brennen Neeley/ December 17, 2018/ Political Theory Workshop

Brennan Neely is a junior philosophy major. People mill about and chat with others also dressed in collared shirts, jeans and the rolled-up sleeves of early evening. The room has an air of casual but unquestioned curiosity.  We were waiting for Lawrie Balfour’s Political Theory Workshop in Duke’s Gross Hall. Balfour—a professor of politics at the University of Virginia—would turn us to Toni Morrison, the Nobel Prize-winning writer whose words have inspired contemporary novelists and comforted readers like me for

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Jean Yarborough gives Constitution Day Lecture

David Frisch/ October 28, 2018/ Lecture

This is the first of a series of blog posts written by Duke undergraduates. David Frish is a junior and political science major.   In honor of Constitution Day, Professor Jean Yarbrough of Bowdoin College spoke to Duke University undergraduates on September 20th and 21st. But for Bowdoin’s Gary M. Pendy Sr. Professor of Social Sciences in Bowdoin’s department of Government and Legal Studies, this visit was more than a Constitution Day talk—it was also a reunion. Almost two decades ago,

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