In our hyperpartisan era, many Americans are only willing to talk politics with people who share their beliefs. AVI is committed to providing opportunities for students to consider ideologies different from their own. Our undergraduate speaker series includes speakers with a wide range of political beliefs.

Many of our speakers coincide with the American Experience and Visions of Freedom Focus program dinners. The entire Duke community is welcome to attend.

Past Speakers:
Charles Bobrinskoy, Ariel Capital Management
Christopher DeMuth, Hudson Institute
Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion
Senator Elizabeth Dole
Professor Jonathan Haidt, New York University
Kay Hymowitz, Manhattan Institute
Eileen Jerrett, filmmaker
Ambassador Robert Krueger
Kerry Howley, contributing editor, Reason Magazine
Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute
Judith Martin, Miss Manners columnist
Robert McDowell, Hudson Institute
Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute
Mark Oaten, Member of Parliament
Deborah Owens, UN Peacekeeping
Jonathan Perelman, Google Inc.
Blair Shepherd, Dean of the Duke Business School
Laura Stepp, Washington Post