Duke ASM Journal Club

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Duke ASM’s Journal Club is to provide a platform for undergraduate researchers, specifically in the fields of biomedicine and microbiology, to present their research projects to the Duke community and host discussions with the audience.

The Journal Club provides a collaborative and engaging environment to foster connections between established researchers in the field of microbiology and related fields with undergraduate researchers. It provides a way for undergraduate researchers to receive advice and enhance understanding of their current projects.


Procedural Details:

The agenda, along with a few other points regarding each convening of the Journal Club meeting is as follows:

Each presentation should last up to 20 minutes, and afterward include a post-presentation discussion and networking opportunity over light refreshments.

The club’s audience will involve the diverse scientific community at Duke, consisting of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members from all departments.

The Journal Club aims to provide presentations throughout the year, primarily in the early evening on weekdays to maximise attendance. During Spring 2015, Duke ASM hopes to hold one such presentation. In subsequent semesters, Duke ASM hopes to grow that number, especially during Fall when students return from summer research projects.

Duke ASM’s Faculty Advisor does not necessarily need to be present for the Journal Club.

ASM Journal Club Flyer

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