Spring 2016 Plan

Here are the events planned for the Spring 2016 semester:

Research Committee

  • We plan on hosting a research chalk talk at the beginning of the year and in conjunction with our first general body meeting where we meet new members and let them know what the club does and how they can benefit if they join.

Science Committee

  • Journal Club– Journal club is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Professional labs generally hold Journal Club weekly or biweekly and it’s basically when someone presents a paper, published or unpublished, or talks about their experiment and receives constructive criticism from the rest of the lab while also getting practice presenting in a very low-pressure environment. A lot of undergraduates are involved in research, but many never get the chance to present at Journal Club because they are either working with a grad student or postdoc instead of doing their independent research or just aren’t experienced enough. Thus, Duke ASM’s Journal Club provides that opportunity! It will be held twice a year at the end of each semester, when many students are wrapping up their independent studies. All skill levels are welcome– even if a student isn’t actively doing their own research, if they find a scientific paper they are really interested in they can present that as well.
  • Faculty dinners– We’d like to invite distinguished faculty in microbiology and related sciences to have a casual dinner with students a few times a semester. The goal of this is to introduce students to the subject of microbiology and connect them with professors who are doing cutting-edge research, while also providing a free dinner and a social atmosphere to talk about exciting topics in science with an expert.

We also have in the works and ASM newsletter and plans to connect Duke ASM to the NC branch of ASM to invite guest speakers to come to campus.