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Duke American Society for Microbiology (Duke ASM) is the official chartered student branch of the American Society for Microbiology. Founded by Quang Nguyen, a Duke graduate, Trinity class of 2016, on November 10, 2014, Duke ASM remains as the first student chapter of ASM in North Caroline. Together at Duke ASM, we’re committed to the advancement of undergraduate scientific research in Microbiology and related sciences.

From the founder: “I founded Duke ASM with the hope to increase other students’ interest in Microbiology and related fields while fostering our professionalism and expertise in scientific research as we together continue to grow to become future scientists. In addition, I hope, through Duke ASM services as well as our partnerships with various resources at Duke, Duke ASM will also be able to better increase access to research opportunities to deserving students.”

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The mission of Duke ASM shall be to:

  1. Develop Duke University student interests in the field of basic, biomedical and life sciences
  2. Facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge of microbiology and related subjects through discussions and publication via means of professional seminars, webinar, conferences and bi-weekly journal club
  3. Enhance the quality of undergraduate research in science outreach programs, including but not limited to Microbiology, at the Duke University through partnerships with various institutional organizations
  4. Equip Duke University students with practical scientific research-related knowledge and problem-solving skills through expansive mentorship and tutorship
  5. Cultivate professional competency and meaningful relationships between senior scientists, faculty, industry, research laboratories and prospective science-oriented students through in- and out-side ASM Branch as well as (inter-)national networks for career connection
  6. Provide competitive chapter grant funding, scholarships, and fellowships for Duke ASM members and students in Microbiology at the Duke University with respect to science and research-oriented academic curriculum, research, and employment
  7. Promote high school student interest in microbiology and their attendance at the Duke University through education outreach programs
  8. Connect Duke ASM members and students to various resources provided by local, state, national and international ASMs, including meetings, subscription to scientific journals and other services.

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