April 10, 2019

Our Traditions

APO Goes to Bella Union

Every Thursday, APO meets up at Bella Union at 10:56 PM, a tradition started on Homecoming weekend a few years ago. It has become the venue for late night conversations, birthday celebrations, and so much more!


APO Chapel Climb

Recently, APO has begun to organize chapel climbs every year for one of our recruitment activities. This is a chance to both see the beautiful campus and get some steps in!



Induction is when all new pledges begin their journey towards becoming an APO Brother. Everyone learns about APO and its members before eating snacks together.



On a night each semester, APO members rent out an ice skating rink after hours and play a version of hockey with no skates on. A great time is had by all!


Pledge Retreat

Every semester, pledges and brothers go on an overnight pledge retreat where they connect with each other and do service.


Big/Little Reveal

Every pledge is matched with a Big based on common interests. Their Bigs help them transition into APO.


Brotherhood Week

Every semester, Duke APO celebrates the bond of brotherhood by participating in an elaborate week of competition and puzzles. During this time, brothers and pledges are assigned to teams and work to complete scavenger hunt items and daily team challenges organized by the Membership Committee. Teams also get points for doing service, attending socials, and having meals with Brothers and pledges. Often, the scavenger hunts and daily challenges revolve around a theme.

Past Brotherhood Week themes included

  • The Avengers (Fall 2023)
  • The Hunger Games (Spring 2023)
  • Villains (Fall 2022)
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Spring 2022)
  • Harry Potter (Fall 2021)
  • Star Wars (Spring 2021)
  • Clue (Spring 2019)
  • Classic Video Games (Fall 2018)
  • Disney (Spring 2018)
  • Pokemon (Fall 2017)



Semi is held typically on the Friday of Brotherhood Week. This party includes a catered dinner, talent show, music, and dancing.



Initiation is when pledges become Brothers! We hold this great tradition early in the morning to welcome a new day just as we welcome new Brothers!



Recently, groups of APO members have tented together for the Carolina game, testing their memory and wit in the tests and scavenger hunts as well as their stamina during the tenting process. We love showing our school spirit and supporting the Blue Devils!


APO Goes to D.C.

On the Martin Luther King, Jr., weekend, APO members take a bus up to Washington, D.C., to explore the city and its monuments for a brief trip.


Senior Banquet

Every Spring, APO honors its seniors with handmade cards, thank you videos, and lots of great food. This is an opportunity to thank the people who have given so much to the APO community over the years.


APO Goes Camping

During reading period, APO takes a camping trip and enjoys time pitching tents, building fires, and making s’mores.

APO Beach Week

APO usually has a group attend Beach Week together in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.