Professional Development Team

Please check the Duke APDCC YouTube channel for case practice lectures. Sign up here if you are looking for a case partner. We have also compiled an interview preparation checklist and a list of potential fit interview questions.


Professional Development Chair: Zhiping Mao, 2nd year PhD student, Mechanical Engineering

Zhiping organizes bi-weekly case practices and develops our educational material. He is the chief editor of Duke APD casebook.



Professional Education Chair: Matthew Tedesco, 3rd year PhD student, Mechanical Engineering

Matthew develops and presents the agendas for the Duke APD lecture series. He is the manager of the Duke APDCC YouTube channel.



Professional Resource Manager & Case Practice Pairing System Manager: Anh Dang, 1st year masters student, Analytical Political Economy

Anh develops materials for the Duke casebook and pairs APD members with practice partners.





Professional Resource Manager: Shijie Luo, 1st year masters student, Economics

Shijie is the co-editor of the Duke APD casebook and, along with Zhiping and Matthew, is a co-presenter of the APD lecture series.



Professional Resource Manager: Natchanan Kiatrungwilaikun, 1st year masters student, Analytical Political Economy

Nat develops case practice materials and leads discussions on case interview techniques.