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How you can support your high school sophomore as they transition into their junior year and the college search process

I have spent my entire working career on both sides of the college desk: in undergraduate admissions and as a high school counselor. I may have the resources and background on some levels but when it comes to advising my sixteen-year-old son, I’m just as new to this as you…

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Supporting your Student Through the College Search Process

I am the mother of 16-year-old twins. That means every milestone was times two: teething, potty training, riding a bike, and most recently, learning to drive a car.  As juniors in high school, they are about to embark on their next significant rite of passage: the college search.  In reflecting…

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Helping your student-athlete navigate the recruitment and admissions process

As a parent of two student-athletes who experienced the college recruitment process, I would like to share some thoughts from a parent’s perspective. In one sense, things are not different from the college selection process in general. Factors such as academic pathways, majors and coursework, the size of the institution,…

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Helping your high school senior through the college admissions process in the time of COVID

Hello! I’m Stacy, an admissions professional with over twenty-five years of experience, and the mom of two terrific young adults – a Duke Sophomore son and a high school senior daughter. As you well know, it is a joy – and at times, completely stunning – to watch your children…

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