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Geospatial Analysis and Storytelling

The XR Studio is also a place where we make use of high-powered graphics desktops to build interactive 3D and 2D historical geographic information systems (HGIS). These projects combine dense data captured from modern landscapes via LIDAR or drone-aerial photogrammetry with historical information gathered from drawings, maps and textual descriptions of past places. The resulting HGIS projects are analyzed in GIS software such as ArcGIS Pro and QGIS as well as in CAD platforms like Autodesk’s 3DS Max, AutoCAD, and ReCap. We also experiment with a variety of options for online spatial storytelling and interactive user experience design through ArcGIS Online and the Unity real-time development platform.

A combination of 16th-century drawings with photogrammetric point cloud data at the fortified town of Monsaraz in Alentejo, Portugal. This is a screenshot taken from the interactive site for the Book of Fortresses project.
Viewshed analysis taken from the positions of castles on the border between Spain and Portugal.
A screenshot from Jo Kwon’s MA thesis project “The use of GIS and Adaptive Re-Use of Historical Sites: A Study of the Durham Belt Line.” The interactive ESRI Storymap can be seen Here.