REDY, Set, Start:

School Readiness for All!

Funded by: W.K. Kellogg Foundation

More than 30 years ago, Alvin Toffler (1980) asserted that the United States (U.S.) leads modern society in its stride toward an info-sphere, Third Wave civilization.1 To maintain and promote this cardinal role and status of the U.S. among the world’s nations, a flux of highly qualified, information-age individuals and communities must be developed. A disconcerting reality is that by age 17 the average black student is four years behind the average white student; black 12th graders score lower than white 8th graders in reading, math, history and geography.2 Achievement is also dramatically lower among youth from other racial minority groups (Asian Americans excluded) and youth from families with low socioeconomic backgrounds.3

The highly capable students of today are likely to become the intellectual, cultural, technological, financial, social, and scientific leaders of tomorrow. Simply put, the nation cannot afford to forfeit a single high achieving or gifted child. Nonetheless, the persistent racial achievement gap indicates that many children with untapped potential of particular backgrounds are left behind.

In order to address low achievement of youth in general, we believe educators must engage in new modes of instruction. As such, this intervention is intended to improve school readiness of children ages 4-6. This project partners with 8 classrooms in Durham, Guilford and Wake Counties in North Carolina.