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Logo Design Contest

The Libraries’ Assembly is seeking design submissions for its NEW LOGO! Currently, the LA logo is a simple square design, which can be seen in the top-left corner of the LA webpage 

The Assembly has been growing and changing along with its community of library staff and it’s time for a visual change to match. We would love the design to come from within our own community, so we are holding an informal design contest. Please see below for more information.

Logo contest FAQ

When will the contest begin and end?  

We would like to coordinate this contest with the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Libraries’ Assembly, which will be in early 2024. Submissions will be open from September 13 to December 13. The winner will be voted on the new year. 

How are submissions made?  

Please email your submission (as an attachment) to Katherine Smith at katherine.smith@duke.edu. 

What forms of submission are acceptable?  

We can accept submissions using the following file formats: .jpeg/.jpg; .png; and .tiff. 

How will a finalist be selected? After the New Year, we will close all submissions. If the submissions pool is small enough, we will offer a libraries-wide chance to vote for the winner. If the submissions pool is unmanageably large, the LA Membership Committee will select submissions to form a manageable pool of submissions, after which a libraries-wide vote will commence for the winner. Voting will be done through the Libraries Assembly website.

What if I’m not very artistic? That’s okay! We encourage all submissions and ideas and, if necessary, we will have a designer “professionalize” your design if it’s selected as the winner. 


We look forward to seeing your submissions!