The Duke Law Federalist Society hosts a number of lunch events each year on a wide-ranging set of topics. Most events feature multiple speakers and free lunch is provided. The chapter also hosts social events throughout the year.

The best way to keep up-to-date on upcoming events is by reading the chapter’s weekly newsletter, the Duke Law Daily email, and by checking the Duke Law event calendar here.

Fall 2019 Events:

Sept. 6 – Booth at the Student Activities Fair; happy hour at Clouds Brewing from 6pm to 8pm.

Sept. 9 – Lunchtime Kick-off Meeting

Sept. 19 – Supreme Court Wrap-Up and Preview

Oct. 2 – Federalism and Marijuana Regulation

Oct. 3 – Vegan Burgers, Milk, and the First Amendment: Who Gets to Decide the Meaning of Words?

Oct. 14 – Unqualified Ambassadors (Duke Law Journal event, for which Federalist Society is a co-sponsor)

Oct. 17 – The Religion Clauses Revisited: Church, State, and the Roberts Court

Oct. 22 – A Conversation with Floyd Abrams

Oct. 23 – Regulation and the Right to Try to Save Your Life

Oct. 30 – Implementing and Enforcing Gun Laws: Bump Stocks, Felons with Firearms, and the Ground Floor View of Gun Control

Nov. 5 – High Crimes and Misdemeanors: What Constitutes an Impeachable Offense?

Nov. 12 – The Future of Domestic Cybersecurity

Nov. 14 – Should Corporations Be Subject to Criminal Liability?

Nov. 19 – They Say It Can’t Be Done Documentary Screening


Spring 2020 Events:

Jan. 21 – From Duke to the Bench: A Conversation with Judge Rodolfo Ruiz

Jan. 23 – Can a Dead Constitution Bind the Living?

Feb. 5 – Judicial Selection: From Appointment to Confirmation (Speaker: Leonard Leo)

Feb. 12 – Free Speech vs. Content Moderation (Speaker: Nadine Strossen)

Feb. 13 – Hot Topics in Communications Policy

Feb. 18 – County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund & the Future of the Clean Water Act

Feb. 21 – From Duke Law to the Bench: A Discussion of Judicial Decision Making with Judges Todd Hughes and Don Willett

Mar. 2 – From Defending Executive Orders to Navigating the Judicial Confirmation Process: Two Years in Washington, D.C. (Speaker: Judge Chad Readler)

Mar. 4 – Sanctuary Cities and Federalism

Mar. 17 – Corpus Linguistics, Constitutional Interpretation, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Mar. 19 – Election Security for 2020

Mar. 30 – On Being General Counsel to a State Governor

Apr. 2 – Why You Should Never Talk to the Police