Blog Post 3 – Claire and Molly

Durham, N.C 9-10-1890

My Dear Mr. Hunter,

                Your very interesting letter was read several days ago and I wished(?) very much to apologize for a delay in answering friendly letters, but I am pressed to do so this time. My school work and the work in connection with the business of our association all coming on me at the same time, completely filled in all may time not allowing me sleep enough even to reciprocate __ for the __ of one day’s labor before another would be ushered in after me.

                I thank you for the interest you manifest in my work. My opening I consider very encouraging. Here I have enrolled at present 144, and the teachers seem very determined. I assure you very few ___ could have felt more pleased than i did to hear of your success. There is certainly no doubt about it, that it certainly lightens one’s work to feel that he can get a living out of it. I long(?) ___ you.

                It is a pleasure to know that the children were admired. They enjoyed their visit. Hope it will be followed(?) by your children. I parted with my things and shall part with the implicity (?) geralds (?) with great reluctance.

                Mr. Hall has returned from Little hoch(?). He will not take his family away – will stay here himself.

I would like to write more, but hand cramps for about every time.

Please remember me to Mrs. Hunter for and the little folks.

Very truly,

Jas. A. Whitted

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