• Eric Pecile
  • Hana Suckstorff

Firenze Scomparsa

  • Nicola Amico
  • Chiara Capulli
  • Cristina Mosconi

Fortifications of the city of Trogir: Visualising changes from 220BCE until 1900CE

  • Ana Plosnić Škarić
  • Ana Šverko

Modeling Movement: Visualization of Inhabited Space

  • Ozludil Burcak
  • Augustus Wendell

Modeling Politics and Pilgrimage in Medieval Orkney

  • Jennifer Grayburn

New Nora

  • Filippo Carraro

Place and Experience in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace

  • Vincent Baillet
  • Ian Burr
  • Bonna Wescoat

San Julian

  • Estefanía López Salas

Visualizing the Mountain Estate (VME)

  • Biju Dhanapalan
  • Hedren Sum
  • Stephen Whiteman