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TROSA Functional Movement Screenings

TROSA (Triangle Residential Option for Substance Abuse) is a two year residential substance abuse rehabilitation program. It is a work based program, so every resident is employed in one of the many TROSA programs (moving company, thrift store, lawn care, etc.) which is often fairly laborious. Once a month Duke DPT students provide movement screenings and exercise prescriptions to new residents. Our aim is to address any movement dysfunctions or musculoskeletal imbalances to prevent acute and chronic injuries or rehabilitate present injuries. Students work in pairs or small groups with at least one second year and take a resident through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS), upper quarter screen (UQS), or lower quarter screen (LQS). Students work with the licensed PT’s on site to provide an exercise prescription if it is necessary. This is a great opportunity to help members of our community that are working to better themselves, to get hands on practice with orthopedic physical therapy, to learn from peers and licensed PT’s alike, and to have a really fun time!