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National Advocacy Dinner Coming Up!

Capitol District National Advocacy Dinner, on Thursday,  March 30 at 6:45pm
co-hosted by our very own Advocacy Special Interest Group and the UNC Student Physical Therapy Association.  The NAD is an opportunity to learn about PT advocacy and to educate PT/PTA students, clinicians, and the public about the legislative process both on the state and federal level.  It serves as a valuable tool for encouraging and empowering students to engage in advocacy.  
This is an educational session, free, and open to the public – making it a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other students and faculty in PT and PTA programs, local clinicians, and leaders of our profession.  We will be presenting current issues, facilitating breakout sessions, as well as leaving time for networking and mingling.  Dinner will be provided.  Flyer with additional details below.
Please RSVP if you plan to attend so that we can have an accurate count for dinner and break out sessions!

CSM – And That’s A Wrap

A few weeks ago, the APTA’s annual Combined Section Meeting occurred and Duke DPT made quite the showing. San Antonio brought us the perfect combination of Tex-Mex and physical therapy. More than 11,000 practicing PTs, PTAs, and students from across the country filled the city with energy and excitement for the conference.


Creating Your Professional Identity

Brought to you by the APTASA Director of Communications and the APTASA #XchangeSA (join the conversation here):

“In this day and age, perception is reality. The entire world can see exactly who you are! Are you the same person that is on your resume or social media accounts? How do you hope to be perceived? How do you ensure that people perceive you as a future professional? All of these questions and many more will be answered during this month’s #XchangeSA on “Creating your Professional Identity.” Join me in welcoming two amazing physical therapists who are experts in this area, Dr. Donna Lampke and Dr. Ben Fung!”

Who To Be or Who Not To Be?

That really IS the question.

As second year students here at Duke DPT we have been surrounded with reminders and opportunities to start “paving the way to our future” as physical therapists. For some, this comes easily and fluidly.  For others, it seems like a daunting task.

I mean, it almost seems as if you are expected to already know what type of physical therapist you want to be, where you want to work, who to talk to, what to put on your resume, what to get involved in to PUT on your resume, and how to even brush the surface at knowing all of the resources we have to start putting a name to our professional identity.


Student Advocacy at the State Level


NC National Advocacy Dinners

Learn the top federal and state legislative issues affecting your future profession and patients.

Find out how YOU can get involved and make a difference NOW.  National Advocacy Dinner will be hosted in cities across the country.  NC National Advocacy Dinners will be hosted across the state on Thursday March 30. Times and locations to be announced!  RSVP HERE! 

This is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other students and faculty in PT and PTA programs, local clinicians, and leaders of our profession.

Current schools hosting and contact info:
Methodist University (Travis Herald, therald@student.methodist.edu)
Combined dinner with Duke University and UNC (Anne Gross, anne.gross@duke.edu or Ali Serrani aserrani@email.unc.edu)

Not close to one of these locations and you want to host a dinner at your program? Contact Anne Gross and learn more at http://www.apta.org/AdvocacyDinner/!

Durham Stroke Camp

In December, thirteen 2nd-years assisted Dr. Jody Feld, Dr. Marcus Roll, and 14 local clinician volunteers, with running the “Durham Stroke Camp,” which provided an intensive week of rehabilitation services for 7 stroke survivors from our local community that have had limited access to rehabilitation services. (more…)

National Parkinson Foundation Moving Day NC Triangle


Volunteers Needed

Full Event Details:  (Click here)

We are in need of volunteers for Moving Day® NC Triangle on October 29, 2016. A number of opportunities are available and we could certainly use your help! We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with Food and Beverage, Kids Zone, Walk Route, Movement Pavilion etc. Times will vary depending on area assigned.  Last year, many local physical therapy students, including Duke DPT, came out to volunteer.  To register please visit: Click Here12764802_1057763170911527_4207138361061948900_o

The National Parkinson Foundation’s fourth annual Moving Day® NC Triangle fundraising walk, is scheduled to return to Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary, Nc, on Saturday, October 29, 2016.


The infamous APTA Membership: what gives?

As we continue to have our inboxes flooded with wonderful opportunities around Duke DPT and Duke University as a whole, there are a few emails that should be kept on our radar. Which emails? APTA membership emails. It’s that time of year where Duke DPT students are asked to join the APTA or renew their memberships.


PT Pub Night: Creating Connections

PT Pub Night Collage

On Thursday, August 25, 2016 over 120 students, local clinicians, and their families joined in friendship, learning and fundraising at Ponysaurus for PT Pub Night, a monthly social and networking event for PT professionals, students, and enthusiasts all over the world. (more…)