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North Carolina Community Outreach Challenge!

The North Carolina Outreach Challenge is an annual competition among all DPT and PTA programs in North Carolina. The challenge is simple, compete with one another throughout the year to accumulate the greatest number of community service hours! The top DPT and PTA programs with the highest total community service hours will be recognized at the next NCPTA Fall conference. A second prize will go to the program with the largest attendance at any one community service event. Once a program has completed a community service event, a simple form must be completed each time, and submitted to the NC SSIG.

Each year, we hope the challenge will continually grow until all North Carolina DPT and PTA programs have joined! A program can join the challenge at any time throughout the year, however the challenge will run from one NCPTA Fall conference to the next, so its important each program who wishes to participate would join at the beginning of each challenge cycle. The inaugural challenge will begin close to the 2016 PT Day of Service event, therefore we hope the NC programs will utilize that event as their first submission into the NC Outreach Challenge.

The challenge will end the night before the quiz bowl at next year’s Fall Conference, so hurry and get your hours rolling! The SSIG Board will update everyone on the top contenders throughout the year, make sure your programs name is one of them!  Good luck!

Community Service Hours Submission Form: CLICK HERE!

Largest Attendance at a Community Service Event Form: CLICK HERE!

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