August 20, 2021

Work Flow for Submission of End of Month Numbers

Here is the policy for how to submit the names of individuals who have been teaching students.  As you know, DPC has been providing a teaching stipend of $75 per half-day of teaching for second-year medical students as well as NP students and PA students.


It is expected that providers will submit monthly documentation to their PMD and HCA about their teaching activity.  It is expected that providers will submit information about their precepting by the second business day of the following month. So, if someone precepted in May, he/she ought to submit information by the 2nd  business day of June.  When that submission occurs, the provider needs to supply the name of the learner and the type of learner (e.g.  2nd year medical student, or PA student or NP student).  We are now requesting monthly submission of teaching hours for those who precept NP students, which is a change from our previous workflow.

If the student is a PCLT or LIC student, the preceptor does not need to submit their teaching hours/activity, as providers receive their teaching stipend for that as a lumped sum at the end of the academic year, usually in May or June.


To submit any request for any preceptor to get paid, the information needs to be submitted to Macy Brown in DPC admin. A critical date here is the 2nd day of each month.  Information received before that date will be submitted and processed that same month, and the provider will receive payment the following month.  If she receives payment after the 2nd, the process will be delayed, and as a result, the provider will not get paid until two months later.


Please note that providers will not receive a teaching stipend for any learner who is shadowing, or for any learner who is not attending a Duke graduate-level course within the medical school, NP program, or PA program. Also, providers do not receive a teaching stipend for precepting a first-year medical student, or a 3rd year or 4th-year medical student.

Our goal is to receive all requests within 30 days of the last day that a student rotates through the clinic.  Requests for remuneration that are received after 30 days will be decided upon on an individual basis but are not guaranteed.  Requests for reimbursement 90 days or longer after the teaching has finished will not be honored.


When providers receive their teaching stipend, they should look for additional pay to be included in their monthly paycheck in the month following the submission.  This will show up within a heading on the paycheck as “flat sup”.  Also note, that though the stipend is for $75 per half-day session, the provider will receive less than this after fringe expenses are deducted.