April 26, 2021

Urgent Care Topics

Common Urgent Care topics are seen in Primary Care Clinics

Management of Head and Neck Injuries by the Sideline Physician – 12/27/2022 – Lots of valuable rules to know about.  Any athlete not moving, whether conscious or unconscious, should be assumed to have a cervical spine injury until proven otherwise.  Also, the log roll or lift and slide maneuver should be used to transfer an injured athlete onto a board.  Finally, simple lacerations should be closed with sutures rather than surgical adhesive if an athlete is going to return to the game.

Tonsillitis and Tonsilloliths: Diagnosis and Management – 01/26/2023) –  -Its critically important to confirm a diagnosis of group A beta-hemolytic strep because of the increased risk for the development of rheumatic fever, abscess, acute glomerulonephritis, and scarlet fever.  Penicillin is still the first-line antibiotic of choice.

When to pick the nose: Out of hospital and emergency department intranasal administration of medications.