November 2, 2021


A new triple threat – 09/22/2021  – Used to the ideal academic provider was a triple threat if he/she conducted original research, taught students and residents, and provided top-notch patient care.  This author argues that this has changed, especially as the writer spends more time juggling work and caring for his three-year-old during COVID.  His definition of the new triple threat which I totally endorse is one who is a well-rounded provider, who is a connected self-care giver, and who is a fully engaged parent!

A Therapeutic Relationship – 11/10/2021  An anecdotal piece focusing on the importance of touching our patients, even during this time of the pandemic.

Code Words – 08/15/2022 -This is a moving perspective essay from a fellow working in the pediatric ER, and is centered around what happens after a young patient dies in the emergency department.

Common Sleep Disorders in Adults: Diagnosis and Management – 04/20/2022  – It’s estimated that 60 million adults report chronically disturbed sleep. Lots of excellent tables, refresh how we counsel about sleep hygiene-no clock watching, no napping during the day, no watching tv or other electronic devices in bed! Go to bed only when sleepy.

Health, Humor, and Harmony – 04/04/2022 – Check this out when you can.  Dr. Roy completed her residency here at Duke.  She lives in NYC and I believe was holding down 3 different jobs all while appearing on MSNBC and NBC news over 300 times during the COVID Pandemic.  She has created a delightful health show that covers a number of themes of interest to primary care providers.

Inherited patients taking opioids for chronic pain- considerations for primary care – 02/22/2022 – Take a look at this article and think about what happens in your clinic when you or a colleague inherit a patient who has been maintained for some time on opioids for chronic pain.  I think the coaching tip is to try to consider providing a therapeutic bridge for the patient until a solid plan of care can be created and agreed upon.

Medical Advice for Commercial Air Travel – 10/21/2021  – This article involves information that would be helpful if you were counseling a patient who might be planning a trip.  Of note, timed melatonin is supposed to be a highly effective way to treat jet lag.

Medical Violence – 11/10/2021 – A compelling article was written by a physician providing care to a diabetic patient with glucose over 500.  The patient was an inmate, and there was moral clarity that the author writes about in a compelling fashion.

Nutrition Support Therapy-01/12/2022  -Avoid percutaneous feeding tubes in patients with advanced dementia.

With helpful tables that include guidelines for how best to monitor nutrition support therapy.

Poignant Vignettes –Peak Moments- When Kindergarten is High Risk – A moving perspective article just published, written from the perspective of a mother who has a significant underlying immune abnormality that puts her at high risk for death if she were to become ill with a COVID infection.

Who was she? –  09/23/2022 – This is an important story told by an infectious disease doctor who cared for a 30-year-old pregnant woman with severe Covid pneumonia-the patient had recently migrated from the Caribbean.  The patient was afraid of the potential negative effects of the vaccine on her fetus.  The author writes about how knowing a patient’s country of origin can be important, especially so that we might think about providing culturally congruent resources.