March 22, 2021


Delirium in Hospitalized Older Adults – 08/15/2022

Headaches in Adults in Primary Care: Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment -07/23/2021

Migraine – 01/26/2023 – This is a common problem affecting ~15% of adults in the US.

Tension headaches are often in the differential, but these are often bilateral, can list from 30 min to 7 days, often are band like, and are not associated typically with nausea or vomiting. Always watch for times when headache onset is sudden or abrupt, and think about thunderclap headache.  If the story is typical for migraine and the exam is not focal, neuroimaging is usually not needed.

Multiple Sclerosis – 06/22/2021

Neurologic Complications of COVID 19 

Parkinson Disease 

Peripheral Nerve entrapment and injury in the upper extremity