March 22, 2021


Adrenal Incidentaloma-These lesions are oftentimes found when a scan is ordered for some other reason such as a workup of abdominal discomfort. 1-6% of adults have these, and most of the lesions are nonfunctioning cortical adenomas. This reviews some of the biochemical testing that has to happen if one of these is found and figure 1 contains an excellent treatment algorithm for how to manage patients.

Adrenal Incidentalomas – 01/26/2023 -The size of the adrenal mass matters a lot- if the mass is lipid-rich (<10 Hounsfield units), it’s likely to be benign.  Most importantly, all these patients should be screened for subclinical Cushing’s syndrome with measurement of ACTH, DHEAS, and cortisol levels.

Anti-Obesity Drug Therapy: An Individualized and Comprehensive Approach-09/03/2021 – Huge problem ( sorry could not avoid the pun!) , by 2030, they estimate 51% of adults in the US will be obese.  Excellent table with various choices that include costs.

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