March 31, 2021


Adolescent Health – There is a great website run by Columbia University entitled Go Ask Alice. It is designed as a safe place for students and others to ask questions about a variety of topics, many of which are related to sexuality. Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a very interesting email twice a month that you will want to read.

Adolescent Health – 01/26/2023 – This is a great website sponsored by Columbia University. A variety of common questions and problems are answered by a team of specialists there.  Here are some of the recent topics: A wake up call for drowsy drivers. Girlfriend on the pill still worried about pregnancy.  Herpes recurs more often in the winter. Sign up for their newsletter and I promise you will want to read their twice-monthly emails!

Care of the College Student-09/03/2021 – Many individuals in this age group have health problems such as asthma, diabetes, mental health problems, and learning disorders.  Importantly, 13.3% of college students reported seriously considering suicide, and 2.4% reported attempted suicide in the past 12 months.

The Preparticipation Physical Examination – From the Choosing Wisely Campaign, several organizations do not recommend annual ECG or echo to screen asymptomatic low-risk patients.  There is a helpful table summarizing a 14 element American Heart Association set of recommendations that touch upon the importance of checking bp, evaluating the previous syncope, and checking items such as femoral pulses to exclude coarctation of the aorta.  There is also a subsection that describes a syndrome that can occur in female athletes who have long-term manifestations of low energy availability, disordered eating, decrease bone mineral density, and menstrual dysfunction.