May 2, 2021

Faculty Development

Common Cause and Common Purpose: Strategies to Increase Engagement in Faculty Development Activities – 07/28/2021  – Interestingly, the authors write about how institutional culture is the most important factor that can lead to faculty that are invested and ready to engage in faculty development. Also important was determining ways to engage strong clinician-educators in the process of faculty development as a way of showing appreciation for their teaching skills.

Here is a fabulous conference focused on teaching – 01/27/2023 -Here is a fabulous conference focused on teaching

Principles of Medical Education

Maximizing your Teaching Skills

March 29-31, 2023

Harvard Medical School

It will be streamed live.

Improving the Evaluation of Faculty Development Programs – 12/02/2021 – This is a “back page” summary from AM that provides context and coaching for folks who plan faculty development activities.

Learning through Listening: A Scoping Review of Podcasts in Medical Education – 01/06/2022 

Letters of Recommendation 

Medical Students’ and Residents’ Preferred Site Characteristics and Preceptor Behaviors for Learning in the Ambulatory Setting : A Cross Sectional Survey 

“Teaching Squares”: A Grassroots Approach to Engaging Medical Educators in Faculty Development-06/25/2021

The Future Comes Early for Medical Educators 

The Good Fit-Why medical applicants’ personal statements are anything but personal. 

Twelve tips for excellent physical examination teaching – 01/27/2023 – Lots of great suggestions within the article.  For teachers, it was encouraged that they should periodically reinforce and update their own physical exam skills, and should use multiple teaching methods and make it fun.  To do this, you might check out this teaching site from Stanford.  They even have a course that you could attend, to strengthen your physical exam skills. (