April 5, 2021

Microaggressions and Implicit Bias

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Sexual Harassment of Female Providers by Patients: A Qualitative Study

The Association of Microaggressions with Depressive Symptoms and Institutional Satisfaction Among a National Cohort of Medical Students – 02/04/2022 

The Impact of Unconscious Bias in Healthcare: How to Recognize It and Mitigate It – 01/27/2023  – There is a glossary of terms which is super important.  I especially like the definition of cultural humility, something that we all should strive for.  It’s defined as the “ongoing self-reflection: a lifelong commitment to continuously evaluate one’s own behaviors, beliefs, and identities and determine how potential biases and assumptions may surface when collaborating with an individual of a different background.”  Also hugely vital: “ A strategy to counter unconscious bias requires an intentional multidimensional approach and usually operates in tandem with strategies to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity.”

The Unintentional Perpetuation of the Gender Divide – 01/06/2023

Twelve Tips for Responding to Microaggressions and Overt Discrimination: When the Patient Offends the Learner