November 1, 2021


A Pediatrician, a Resident, and a Medical Student Walk into a Clinic: The Role of Humor in Clinical Teaching – 01/27/2023 – Different humor styles are explored- one approach is affiliative and can help build teams.  The authors argue that some other types of humor can have a negative influence on the teaching environment.

Practices to Foster Physician Presence and Connection with Patients in the Clinical Encounter-11/01/2021 – After the literature review, 5 best practices include 1) prepping carefully before seeing a patient, taking a moment to prepare and focus before going in room 2) listening carefully and without distraction 3) finding out what matters to the patient. 4) Connect with the patient’s story 5) explore emotional cues.

Trust, Faith, and Covid – 01/06/2022 Many of us struggle with how to care for and stay connected with our patients who might not follow through with our recommendations, such as to become vaccinated against COVID.  Read what this MD from Brigham does to stay connected with her patients, without alienating them, or losing their trust.

Twelve Tips to Make Successful Medical Infographics – 12/02/2021 – Infographics are a visual communication tool, used to display information graphically.  You can find examples of them in the emails from The Curbsiders.  Here are some practical tips for how to create better infographics.