December 23, 2021

Adults and ADHD – 12/22/2021

First for the ASRS screener find a link here. This can be used as a short 2-minute screener its sensitivity is ~90% so fairly good for a rule out, but wouldn’t rely on it as being the be-all-end-all.

I use the ASRS full version to track symptoms over time (I send a copy to patients and family).

CADDRA has a fantastic guide and resources on this topic. I don’t want to inundate everyone with material, but if there is interest in the guide the link is here.

Finally, my contact information. At Animo Sano we have a direct referral pathway via phone (and will soon have one for providers on our website), I have someone answering the phone 24/7 so providers should always expect a human to take their call. If they need to do a phone curbside they can also call me and I am happy to chat.

Clinic phone: 919-391-7202

Personal cell: 678-267-9868

Email: or

Clinic website:

I host monthly meetups for patients. If your patients or providers are interested in learning more about the condition feel free to join here. Our next meetup will be on Jan 13th at 530pm and will cover the topic of how non-stimulant medications work for ADHD.