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We are…Artists & Scientists

Just as the New South welcomed Jewish peddlers, merchants, and industrialists, so too has the Sunbelt greeted Jewish artists, writers, scientists, engineers, and professors.


“Bridging the gap between worlds—the visible and invisible, the spiritual and tangible, an idea and its final form—is what I do with my hands and my heart.”

Rob Levin, Burnsville


Artists & Scientists Gallery

Click the thumbnails below to view a slideshow of Jewish Artists & Scientists in North Carolina.

Milton Rosenau, Founding Dean of UNC School of Public Health, n.d., Courtesy Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library at Chapel Hill
Dr. William Perzweig, Scientist, n.d., Courtesy Duke University Medical Center Archives
Magnolia Klezmer Band, n.d., Courtesy Sandy and Elliot Mills
Melissa Hayden, Ballerina, n.d., Courtesy Maurice Seymour
JDr. Gertrude Elion, Scientist, n.d., Courtesy Gertrude Elion Estate
Dr. Martin Rodbell, Scientist, n.d.
Rick Chess, Writer, n.d., Courtesy Meaghen Brown
Heinrich Jalowetz, Conductor, n.d., Courtesy North Carolina State Archives
William and Katherine Bernstein and Family, Glassblowers, n.d., Courtesy William and Katherine Bernstein
Eli Evans, Writer, n.d., Courtesy Eli Evans
Arthur Gordon, Chef, n.d., Photo by Warren Gentry
Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, Scientist, n.d., Photo by Warren Gentry
Dr. Marilyn Telen, Scientist, n.d., Photo by Warren Gentry
Rick Weiss, Director, Carolina Ballet, n.d., Photo by Warren Gentry
Gerard Schwarz, Conductor, n.d., Courtesy Yuen Lui Studios
Rob Levin, Blowing Glass, n.d.
Rob Levin, Glassblower, Burnsville
Rob Levin, Glassblower, Burnsville