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  • Chinese laundry’s in the American South
    The murders of 8 people in Atlanta last week, 6 women of Asian descent (4 of whom were Korean-American), appear to have been the result of a multi-faceted, murderous toxic stew in the gunman. Misogyny. Xenophobia. Racism. Objectification of Asian women as sexually available. And guilt-driven Christianity that viewed other human beings as a temptation–rendering […]
    Don Taylor
  • The Awokening–about to break or getting started?
    Razib Khan is one of the people I follow on twitter who makes me think–that is why I follow him. His recent tweet below harkens a question folks have been asking me lately–has “woke” culture gotten out of control on campus and where does it stop? Let me provide a practical definition of how I […]
    Don Taylor
  • A new hobby
    I struggle with anxiety, commonly triggered by what I call “role clutter”–the need to juggle between the various roles that people play. Husband, father, son, brother, professor, mentor, director, neighbor, etc. As 2020 came to an end, I read that taking up some type of artistic outlet was a helpful practice, so I started drawing/sketching […]
    Don Taylor
  • How do you know what you know?
    Peder Zane has a piece in the WSJ based on an interview with James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Neuroscience and Biology, James Staddon, criticizing Duke University’s “Anti-Racism” efforts, couched as defense of Science. The essence of the interview is that Professor Staddon is a scientist, and that many Duke faculty are not, especially […]
    Don Taylor
  • White Supremacy v. Structural Racism
    Working on an NIH Institutional grant to develop a culture that is more conducive to the thriving of faculty who are from under-represented backgrounds. The task at hand is to create an equitable culture of scientific excellence. The FOA from NIH focuses on Race, and the writing team has been discussing whether to use the […]
    Don Taylor
  • Teaching history in North Carolina
    The North Carolina Board of Education is discussing how to teach U.S. and North Carolina history in public schools and some Republican members of the Board are saying proposed changes are “anti American” and wrongly teaching students that the U.S. is “racist” and “anti capitalist.” Lorda mercy. Why don’t we elevate and teach some of […]
    Don Taylor
  • Should Race be used in vaccination guidelines?
    The draft report of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on November 23, 2020 suggested the use of Race in prioritizing the allocation of limiting COVID19 vaccination as a means of promoting justice and reducing health inequities. This move was controversial and the final ACIP recommendation released on January 1, 2021 removed the […]
    Don Taylor
  • Re-norming our Government
    On January 20, 2021, the day that Donald Trump leaves and Joe Biden moves into the White House, there are two principles that I believe are most important for the next four years: accountability for the assault on our democratic norms, not only for President Trump, but for enablers in the Republican Party and beyond, […]
    Don Taylor
  • What Next?
    The January 6, 2021 insurrection designed to disrupt Congress from fulfilling its Constitutionally proscribed powers that was incited by President Trump, and enabled by numerous persons, some known and others not is a departure from the rule of law and norms that must be answered forcefully. Next steps: The President should resign. He has committed […]
    Don Taylor
  • January 6, 2021
    The most important task of leadership is to correctly define reality; to tell the truth. The insurrection and mob overrun of the U.S. Capitol that disrupted the counting of the Electoral College votes that officially marked him as the loser, was incited by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. He and others […]
    Don Taylor