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  • How will you care for your parents?
    The final assignment in my PPS825 (Intro Health Policy) class for Masters students this fall was to develop a plan for how the students planned to care for their parents if/when they needed help and support. The students in the class took this very seriously and did such a great job on this. The assignment […]
    Don Taylor
  • More on Carr Building Renaming Process
    I had a letter to the editor to the Raleigh, N.C. News and Observer Sunday September 16, 2018 responding to Rob Christensen’s column in the September 2, 2018 version of the paper. I missed this last week because my N and O wasn’t delivered last Sunday due to the Storm. In short, Mr. Christensen was […]
    Don Taylor
  • Revised policy on consensual relationships between faculty and students
    The Duke University faculty handbook policy on consensual romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and students was revised effective July 1, 2018. I sent the following email to all faculty at Duke on August 30, 2018; a similar email was sent on June 14, 2018. The Duke Chronicle had a piece comparing Duke’s new policy […]
    Don Taylor
  • Duke is proceeding as a community of scholars to consider Carr Building renaming
    I suspect that Rob Christensen’s piece in today’s Raleigh, N.C. New and Observer Opinion section was finished by him before the full text of the Duke History Department’s proposal to rename the Carr Building on Duke’s campus was made public on Friday afternoon, August 31. You can read the History Department’s piece for yourself, but […]
    Don Taylor
  • My letter to UNC BOT and Chancellor Folt on Silent Sam
    Dear Members of the UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustees and Chancellor Folt: As a lifelong North Carolinian from Goldsboro, and as a 3 time alum (’90 BSPH; ’92 MPA; ’95 Ph.D.), let me first thank you for your service to my (and for most of you) our alma mater. I came to UNC in […]
    Don Taylor
  • Summer Listening Hours for the Duke Community: Students, Staff or Faculty
    The last few weeks have been difficult ones at Duke, but the high profile incidents have merely elevated awareness of simmering problems that have long plagued our community. I tend to quickly move into problem solving mode, and my training in Public Health means that I think in terms of harm reduction–looking for small improvements […]
    Don Taylor
  • Dear Duke: Let’s Not Normalize This Mode of Protest
    The 25 Duke students who disrupted President Price’s address to gathered alumni last Saturday to issue a variety of demands announced today that their pending Student Conduct case has been closed with an informal letter of admonishment. The issues raised by our students are worthy of discussion, and I give them a lot of credit for activism […]
    Don Taylor
  • Why did I stop blogging?
    I realized over the weekend when someone asked me why I had stopped blogging that I haven’t written a blog post since August 20, 2017. I didn’t intend to stop (and I have greatly slowed blogging in the past two years, particularly as my administrative roles at Duke have increased). And I have commented some […]
    Don Taylor
  • Thoughts on the Robert E. Lee Statue Removal from Duke Chapel
    I became chair of the Academic Council at Duke on July 1, 2017, and was chatting with the Provost a few weeks ago and we agreed there “weren’t any hot button issues” on tap for the Fall semester. That, of course, is no longer true. I support President Price’s decision to remove the statue of […]
    Don Taylor
  • N.C. Medicaid Managed Care Proposal
    The N.C. Medicaid Managed Care proposal was put out today by the Cooper Administration NCMedicaidManagedCare. Don’t look now, but North Carolina looks to be engaging in bipartisan health care reform. You may recall that the Republican-controlled Legislature dictated that the Republican Governor develop and submit a 1115 Medicaid waiver by June 1, 2016, which he did. […]
    Don Taylor