Triangle Area Lesbian Feminists (TALF)

On September 29, 1974, the Lesbian Rap Group became the Triangle Area Lesbian Feminists (TALF)

The constituency of TALF and Feminary were bound together since TALF’s inception. As noted by Gilbert, many of the discussions of lesbian-feminism coming out of TALF were reprinted in the newsletter. “In this way, the organization [TALF] and the newsletter [Feminary] acted as both an agent of community-building and a manifestation of community-building” (Gilbert).

From March 30, 1975 Feminary:

Document courtesy of Margie Sved.

As highlighted in the Feminary Issue, TALF was a source of support for lesbians and a place to build sisterhood. Topics unique to lesbian-feminists could be discussed, and served as a place where one could simply share the company of other lesbians.  Additionally, these meetings were also the start of activism, and where plans were made to do something about their perceived oppression.  TALF, however, was not a space for straight women, even allies.  According to Margie Sved, TALF members “had to show [their] lesbian feminist credentials before you could get in the door.”

Margie Sved talks about TALF
[audio:|titles=Margie Sved – TALF]

“I remember TALF having dances, I remember TALF helping publicize concerts…I know they had meetings, we probably talked ad infinitum about things.  Those were days you had to come to consensus and you didn’t make decisions if everybody didn’t agree.   I remember when the Y moved into this big old house between Gregson and Duke Street, going out towards Chapel Hill, one of the huge big old houses there, I think it had been Blue Cross Blue Shield before that…thats where TALF had its office, there was, I guess a women’s health cooperative office in there too, and thats where all their meetings and danced were…I’m sure there was something more political but I don’t know.”  [Margie Sved 37:50-38:51]

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