Brenda Pollard

Photo courtesy of Brenda Pollard.

“In those days, you were either a school teacher or a secretary!” ~ Brenda Pollard

Brenda Pollard is a North Carolina native. She is currently a resident of Durham, though she grew up in Wilson, North Carolina. She is a graduate of North Johnston High School, Peace College, NC Bank Directors College, and Durham Neighborhood College. She has served as the executive assistant for James Long, Jr. while he was the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance, and was also the executive assistant for Thad Eure during his tenure as North Carolina Secretary of State. Although now retired, Brenda is still heavily involved in politics, having held a number of positions for the North Carolina Democratic Party, North Carolina Democratic Women, and the Durham County Democratic Women. She is a board member of the North Carolina State Capitol Foundation and the former chair of the North Carolina State Society. In addition, she was a candidate for North Carolina Secretary of State with the North Carolina Democratic Party. She is outspoken, compassionate, and seeks to be an inspiration for others. She discusses the hard work and dedication it required to break into the male-dominated sphere of politics in the 70’s. In her own experiences, there were many preconceived notions about the jobs women could do, and this was a time when they were challenged. To have a career in politics also required sacrifices in which women had to choose between starting a family or focusing on a career.

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