The Thursday Night Tea Research Group | INTIMACY with Camila Gonzatto

February 25, 7-8:15pm CST

IB 1010 / Zoom 298 656 1787

In the spirit of intimacy, the award-winning filmmaker and writer will share with us the first short film (12min) she ever made and then talk about the experience and what she has learned since. She will then give the audience a task which will combine intimacy with filmmaking, so bring your cellphones with you!

Light food and drinks provided.

Camila Gonzatto is a filmmaker, writer, and designer. She obtained her PhD in literary theory and creative writing at PUCRS (Brazil), with a 3-semester exchange at Freie Universität Berlin. She is the co-editor of books on Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Creative Writing. She has been working with content creation for film, TV, websites, magazines, and museums for more than 15 years.