The 2nd Gender Studies Initiative Student Conference Program

Date: Friday, April 19th, 9 AM – 3 PM

Venue: AB 2107

9-9:15 AM: Keynote Speech by Professor Selina Lai Henderson

Session 1 – Challenges to Heteronormativity

9:15-10:15 AM Presentations and faculty discussions

10:15-10:45 Q&A

Heteronormativity in Korean Boys Love Comics: A Case Study of Chinese Queer Women’s Gender Discourse – Shuzhe Wang

Faculty discussant: Keping Wu (Zoom)

Masters tools: Oppression, Representation, Stereotype, and Heteronormativity – Sadey Dong

Faculty discussant: Hwa Yeong Wang

A Queer Metamorphosis: Animal Narratives and Lesbian Love in Contemporary Chinese Cultures – Ruohan Wang

Faculty discussant: Nathan Hauthaler

Session 2 – Gendered Economy and Environmental Challenges

10:50-11:50 AM: Presentations and faculty discussions

11:50-12:20 PM: Q&A

The ‘Invisible’ Female Riders in Food Delivery: Exploring the Impact of Platform Algorithms on Female Workers in the Gig Economy – Hanyang Zhou and Yixin Gu

Faculty discussant: Megan Rogers

Gender, Health, and Catastrophe: The Impact of Patriarchal Gender Dynamics on Tribal Women’s Health Outcomes amidst Pakistan’s 2022 ‘Superfloods’ – Arabela Iggesen Valenzuela

Faculty discussant: Hyun Jeong Ha

Gendered Dimensions of Climate Change: A Critical Analysis of Women’s Vulnerability and Representation in Global Environmental Governance – Manal Bidar

Faculty discussant: Jaehee Choi

12:20-13:30 PM: Lunch

Session 3 – Feminist Critiques to Culture and Society

1:30 – 2:30 PM: Presentations and faculty discussions

2:30 – 3 PM: Q&A

A Feminist Triumph or Flop?: Exploring Public Perceptions of Barbie- Yihan Chen, Ni Zheng, and Hsuan-kai Liao

Faculty discussant: Lindsay Mahon Rathnam

The Ornamental Personhood: A Reparative Reading of K-Pop Femininity – Vicky Yongkun Wu

Faculty discussant: Titas Chakraborty

Navigating Ideologies Rifts in the Digital Age: Understanding Relationship Dynamics Amidst Gender Discourse Polarization in China – Wenjing Xu

Faculty discussant: Qian Zhu