Whitney Bauman: Thinking through the Anthropocene

by Sinan Farooqui

Over the eons, the incessant ticking of time has culminated in our present reality: the Anthropocene, or the age of humans. This title comes with implications and indications about the state of the world, its hierarchies and underlying attitudes. And it is upon these very concepts that our distinguished speaker, Professor Whitney Bauman spoke during his lecture as part of the Duke Kunshan Colloquium Series, hosted by the Humanities Research Center. Continue reading “Whitney Bauman: Thinking through the Anthropocene”

A Discussion with Daniel Seng on Artifical Intelligence and Law

Daniel Seng is Associate Professor of Law at the School of Computing, at the National University of Singapore. He graduate from Stanford University’s doctorak program in Empirical Sciences and the Law (JSD). His areas of expertise are intellectual property, information technology, law, machine learning, NLP and quantitative legal analysis. Continue reading “A Discussion with Daniel Seng on Artifical Intelligence and Law”