Superdeep Nighthawks: “Burning” (“버닝”; Lee 2018) | Thu Nov 2, 8:24pm

IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)

The Nighthawks deliver for what you’ve been yearning: Lee Chang-dong‘s 2018 Burning (“버닝” …& food & drink). Thu, Nov 2, 8:24pm, IB 1008 (Auditorium). This slow-burning masterpiece of recent Korean cinema gives credence to a poet’s words: “You cannot unburn what is burned…”


Superdeep Nighthawks meet on Thu eve (~8pm till late). For more info, or to submit proposals for the Nighthawks, follow this link; for info on Superdeep more generally, follow this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.