Superdeep #19: “Defying Displacement: The Case of Philadelphia Chinatown” (Caroline Aung) | Tue Oct 24, 5:30 & 6pm

5:30pm IB 1008 (IB Auditorium)
6:00 pm IB 2028 | Zoom 6979897969

The Superdeep Workshop returns on a chord of high notes: on Tue Oct 24, Caroline Aung of Philadelphia’s Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) will join us for a presentation and interactive workshop for “Defying Displacement: The Case of Philadelphia Chinatown“. The event is Superdeep first collaboration with DKU’s HRC Citizenship Lab and the Center for the Study of Contemporary China (CSCC) Meanings, Identities, & Communities Cluster.
As an auftakt to the event we will screen the Philly Chinatown documentary “Look Forward & Carry on the Past” (Dornfeld, Kodish, & Wei’s 2002; accessible here).

Screening: Tue Oct 24, 5:30pm IB 1008.
Workshop: Tue Oct 24, 6:00pm IB 2028.

Snacks & drinks at the screening & workshop.


The Workshop is Superdeep‘s venue for philosophical work-in-progress research & practice. For more info or to submit proposals for the Workshop, follow this link; for more info on Superdeep more generally, follow this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.