Student Report on Superdeep Seminar “Wild Experiment: Feeling Science and Secularism after Darwin”

By Anjini Mani

On Thursday, January 11th, HRC’s Superdeep held a discussion with Donovan Schaefer from the University of Pennsylvania on his monograph, Wild Experiment: Feeling Science & Secularism After Darwin. The conversation focused primarily on the thesis that thinking and feeling are not separate– a commonly held conception by traditional thinkers– but rather are intrinsically linked to one another. To be more specific, thinking is linked with feelings, but not necessarily that feeling must always be connected to thinking. 

In a group of 10 students, Schaefer presented a slideshow elaborating on five key points from his book. After presenting, he invited the students to share their thoughts or questions. Students connected the book to their own cultures and their own experiences, offering both perspectives and new questions to tackle. One discussion that came up was the mystery of dreams. For a long time philosophers, scientists, and artists have attempted to define dreams, to understand them, to crack their code. A dream is a door to the human subconscious and a fascinating topic of conversation. 

The event sparked deep contemplation, self-reflection, and vibrant conversations. Thank you for attending, and continue to examine life to the fullest!