Student Report on “Health X Media: Sexual and Gender Minority’s Well-being & Social Media”

Reported By Dong Ding, class of 2026

On February 22nd, the Health Humanities Initiation hosted its inaugural seminar titled “Health X Media: Sexual and Gender Minority’s Well-being & Social Media.” The seminar was led by Jiahe Qian, a senior majoring in Global Health and Public Policy, with 16 other students participating. The focus of the discussion was on the health issues faced by sexual and gender minorities, exploring stereotypes and stigmas associated with these communities. Additionally, the seminar delved into how individuals express their sexual and gender identities on social media platforms and the impact this has on their health and well-being.

The seminar provided a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions about the intersection of health, media, and minority issues. It aimed to shed light on the unique challenges faced by sexual and gender minorities and the role social media plays in shaping public perceptions and personal experiences. By examining these topics, the seminar sought to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding health and identity in the digital age.

Overall, the seminar was a successful start to the Health Humanities Initiative’s series of seminars, setting the stage for further exploration of important health-related topics in future sessions. If you are interested in leading the discussion on a health and humanities topic, feel free to contact Dong Ding, the student coordinator of Health Humanities Initiatives at