Student Report: Humanities Research Lunch

Reported by Mateja Bokan, Class of 2025

The Humanities Research Center organized a Humanities Research Lunch for undergraduate students interested in discovering humanities disciplines and research at DKU. During the event, students had the opportunity to talk to Arts and Humanities faculty and hear about research opportunities, but also get acquainted with the work of the Humanities Research Center and its labs.

Last Friday, over 80 students and 20 faculty came together for the Humanities Research Lunch to talk about Humanities and how DKU tackles humanities research, both individually and through the Humanities Research Center. During the event, participants were served lunch and had the opportunity to talk to at least two faculty members at each table, hearing about their classes and individual work in research. This event served as an introduction to the Humanities Research Center for all students not acquainted with it.

Photographed by Shuyuan Zhou

During the presentation, students first learned what the humanities are and how DKU approaches them in teaching. The presentation then covered what HRC Labs are, how they function, and which ones are currently active. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of many labs, students have found opportunities to undertake humanities research without necessarily majoring in a humanities discipline. The HRC offers a plethora of opportunities to join as a researcher, a research assistant, or a student worker.

The various HRC lab and project leaders presented their work, and also presented the work of student researchers who had the opportunity to showcase the way in which they engage with humanities, and how working with the HRC has helped them shape their own academic paths.

Photographed by Shuyuan Zhou

Overall, the event allowed the participants to discover an area that they may have not thought of before, connect their work in whatever field with ideas from humanities. The event also help students to create new and meaningful connections with faculty for the years to come!