Statelessness Conference: Part Two – Refugees in Asia and the Pacific during the Second World War

‘Statelessness’ meeting part two will be held in Melbourne from December 15-16, 2022. Learn more about part one of ‘Statelessness’ and the conference that just concluded in Barcelona on December 1-2, 2022.

This meeting is organized by Kolleen Guy and Jay Winter, co-sponsored by the Humanities Research Center and the Arts and Humanities Division at Duke Kunshan University.

Melbourne Conference Dates: December 15-16, 2022
Location: Catholic University of Australia, Level 3, 250 Victoria Parade, in Fitzroy.
Zoom: 680 6042 755


Below you will see the timetable.  All the times are listed in Melbourne time, which is 3 hours ahead of China time. We hope to be able to see many of you either in person or on zoom wherever you live.

Thursday, December 15

1500  Welcome

1515  Rai Gaita, University of Melbourne and Jay Winter, Yale University and Duke Kunshan University  ‘”The right to have rights” revisited’

1600  Jay Winter, ‘The Odyssey of the Mir Yeshiva’

1700 Joy Damousi, Australian Catholic University, ‘Family memories of war and displacement: Primary sources for shaping a historian’

1800 Seumas Spark, Monash University, ‘Internees, refugees, citizens: German and Austrian emigrés in Australia’

1900 Sheila Fitzpatrick, Australian Catholic University, ‘Russians in Harbin and Shanghai and beyond’

Friday, December 16

1300  Qian Zhu, Duke Kunshan University
‘The New Village project in Shanghai, 1931-1937’ (Zoom)

1400 Zach Fredman, Duke Kunshan University
‘The end of American Shanghai, 1931-1941’ (Zoom)

1500 Eva de Jong Duldig
‘Families, internees, refugees: from Singapore to Australia’ 

1600 Andrew Field, Duke Kunshan University
‘Music in exile: Jews, Russians and others in Shanghai, 1920-1950’ (Zoom)

1700 Kolleen Guy, Duke Kunshan University
‘Agents of empathy’

1800 Concluding remarks 
Kolleen Guy, Duke Kunshan University, and Jay Winter, Yale University and Duke Kunshan University

Closing dinner