Recruiting DKU Climate Change Communications Fellows

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In Fall 2024, as part of the joint DKU-Duke climate commitment, DKU will launch a new course, DKU102 Let’s Talk About Climate Change!, modeled on Duke’s course of the same name.

The course takes place every Thursday from 7-9pm for 13 weeks in the fall semester and is worth 2 credits. There are no graded assignments.

The course directors are currently recruiting DKU undergraduate and graduate students to work closely with the professors as DKU’s first cohort of Climate Change Communications Fellows.

Position Overview

The Climate Change Communications Fellows will work as volunteer teaching assistants for DKU102 Let’s Talk About Climate Change! in Fall 2024.


The main responsibilities of the position are:

  • Act as a brand ambassador for the course and recruit other DKU students to join the course
  • Lead activities and discussions with the other students who are taking the course each week for one hour
  • Compile a short summary report on each week’s activities
  • Meet with the course directors each week to provide continuous critical feedback from the students to the professors


  • Be physically present on the DKU campus in Fall 2024
  • Undergraduate Climate Change Communications Fellows must enroll in DKU102; graduate students do not need to enroll in the course
  • Commit to attending all 13 weeks of the course
  • Complete a one-day training session with the course leaders at the start of the semester


  • Receive the title of DKU Climate Change Communications Fellow
  • Gain leadership experience working with other DKU students
  • Gain teaching experience with the professors as a key member of the teaching team for the course
  • Help DKU become China’s leading climate change university

How to Apply

Fill out this short Qualtrics form to apply, or scan the QR code above.


The deadline for applications is May 15, 2024.