Rooted Globalism Documentary Pilot Project

Rooted Globalism Documentary Pilot Project


The main goal of the DKU Rooted Globalism Pilot Documentary Project is to analyze the experiences of the initial cohort of DKU undergraduate students in terms of the DKU animating principle of “rooted globalism” during their first few months. In so doing it will offer a “proof of concept” for a longer-term student experience video documentary project.

The concept of rooted globalism implies a recognition of the fact that DKU students have self-consciously chosen to become part of a global educational experience in Kunshan, but that this educational experience is also premised on the importance of valuing local traditions and communities. Globalism here does not mean the eradication of tradition or community, but rather is understood as being informed by a long historical process of engagement between and across cultures, religions and traditions. The project aims to assess the extent to which students are able to concretely embody this principle in their transition from their home to their new global campus community. That is to say, is DKU successful in its first few months in creating a real sense of “rooted globalism” amongst its initial student cohort, and if so, what does that “rooted globalism” concretely mean in the lives of students?


The project has three components: pedagogical, research, and communications.

Pedagogical Component

As part of this project, students will engage in a parallel pedagogical exercise in which they students record vlogs about their own experience. As part of this pedagogical exercise, students will be invited to meet each other regularly to share their experiences and their footage with the researchers and other DKU faculty from the Humanities Research Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning. This pedagogical project will be of benefit for students in becoming self-directed learners.

Research Component

With permission from the DKU Institutional Review Board, and following the signing of informed consent forms, students who participate in this pilot project may also agree to allow their video data to be analyzed for the purpose of evaluating DKU’s attempts to foster a value of “rooted globalism” among the new student cohort.

Communications Component

The communications department will ask students for permission to use some of their vlog material for marketing, recruitment and communications purposes.