Ovarian Cancer Documentary

Ovarian cancer, known to be the most lethal gynecologic cancer, is the leading type of cancer death in women worldwide. However, the most recent year in the study saw more decreases in funding for research on ovarian cancer than for research on other cancers. In addition, there is a huge critical knowledge discrepancy between patients and health professionals, and therefore raising public awareness of ovarian cancer is important. We aim to raise public awareness and highlight the need of more scientific research funds on ovarian cancer by filming a documentary. The documentary will include interviews that would mainly focus on how ovarian cancer influences patients’, doctors’ and scientific researchers’ lives. Meanwhile, we are looking into potential solutions by conducting scientific research in both Professor Tsigou and Professor Zhang-Negriere’s lab. Under the professional guidance of Professor Henderson, the documentary will showcase the tangible experiences of the patients involved and how each stakeholder plays an important role in this issue. The end of the day, the public will be informed on the ongoing issues with ovarian cancer and in turn support on relevant initiatives.

Student Team Members

Chuhan Jiang, Class of 2022, Molecular Bioscience
Xinyue Lu, Class of 2022, Molecular Bioscience
Jiani Chen, Class of 2023, Molecular Bioscience
Marytha Tan, Class of 2023, Molecular Bioscience

Faculty Member Team

Anastasia Tsigkou, Associate Professor of Biology at Duke Kunshan University
Daisy Yiduo Zhang-Negrerie, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Duke Kunshan University
Seth Henderson, Assistant Professor at Duke Kunshan University