MediHealth Podcast

MediHealth Podcast is a student-led science podcast, bridging the gap between health professionals and the general public. Our podcast offers scientifically justified responses to the questions of public health and wellbeing. Anyone who wishes to gain insight into medicine and its repercussions on public or global health will benefit from engaging with this platform. Professionals in the field of health, including professors, consultants, students, and many more would share their experiences and thoughts on hot topics through engaging and thought-provoking interviews. Our project team includes the planning team, interviewers team, audio editors team, journalists team, and social media team. The podcast episodes are uploaded every Monday at 10pm China time on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and 喜马拉雅. The links to the website, social media and various podcast platforms can be found here: Follow us on Instagram, WeChat, and LinkedIn to get the most updated information from MediHealth Podcast!

Student Team Members

Anna Mckane, Class of 2023, Molecular Bioscience
Marytha Tan, Class of 2023, Molecular Bioscience
Chenghan Xue, Class of 2024
Chutong Fang, Class of 2022, Molecular Bioscience
Ege Kaan Duman, Class of 2022, Global Health
Haoyang Tang, Class of 2022, Environmental Science
Tanushree Kochar, Class of 2024
Meichen Yap, Class of 2024
Glory Agun, Class of 2023, Molecular Bioscience
Reika Grace Shimomura, Class of 2023, Global Health
Xiaoyu Duan, Class of 2024

Faculty Member

Mark Spaller, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Duke Kunshan