Kunshan Digital Humanities 2020 Project Proposals

The Humanities Research Center is currently accepting individual or group project proposals for the 2020-2021 academic year.

In 2019-2020 pilot project we:

  • Recruited students to create original artworks in any medium in and and around Kunshan in Fall 2019
  • Developed a database index for an archive of artworks and other media related to Kunshan
  • Curated an online exhibition of student artworks in Spring 2020

2020 Requirements

  • Work individually or in teams focused on on particular site or theme
  • Artwork must be created off campus in Kunshan area
  • Record GPS location data for each artwork
  • Work in any medium, but the work must be able to be archived digitally
  • You can use also use artwork created for classes provided it conforms to our requirements
  • Artwork should focus on a clear research question
  • Continue an existing project, or start a new project


  • Check in weekly on Friday mornings to share ideas and give updates on your activities
  • Attend an off campus half day retreat at the beginning of Session 3 and 4
  • Your creative work will be used and displayed by the HRC (but you will retain the copyright)

Submit a project proposal

  • Each individual or team should submit a project proposal on qualtrics
  • Title of the project
  • Research question
  • Location/sites to be included
  • List of team members
  • Media to be used (film, photo, performance, poetry)