Gender Studies Initiative Calls for Applications for Faculty-Student Research Grants

The Gender Studies Initiative invites applications for spring 2024 funding (up to $500 USD) for new faculty-student research projects on topics related to gender, sexuality, queer theory, and/or feminism.  The applications may be submitted either by the faculty member or the student(s) but must involve some sort of faculty-student collaboration.  This could entail a collaborative faculty-student project but also includes faculty working with student research assistants and students working on their Signature Work projects with their mentors.

This grant is intended to help develop new projects that have not received funding elsewhere.  Funds may be used for any research-related expenses, including books, research travel and accommodation expenses, interview or survey compensation, research assistant stipend, purchase of or subscription to relevant research resources and software, etc.

The application should be a 1-2 page document that includes the following:

  • The members of the research team (including position and division for faculty and year and major/intended major for students)
  • Project title
  • A brief abstract
  • A brief description of the type of faculty-student collaboration you envision
  • A brief statement of how your project addresses issues related to gender, sexualities, and/or feminism
  • A brief budget

Applications are due by December 14. 

Please submit your applications, along with any questions you may have, to GSI co-lead Jesse Olsavsky (