Future of the Humanities: Draft Program

Humanities Research Center Fall Conference 2019: The Future of the Humanities: The Gender/Sex Turn

Draft Program 

Friday September 20

1000    Welcome Remarks & Introduction
1030    Josephine Ho: Gender as Governance: Sexual Politics in the Age of Globalization
1200    Lunch
1330    Parallel Sessions 1-3
1530    Break
1600    Yingying Huang: Changing Sexualities in Mainland China since the 1980s
1730    Close

Saturday September 21

0900    Student Seminars 1-4
1030    Yin-bin Ning: Sex Work and Modernity: a Recap and Reflection
1200    Lunch
1330    Parallel Sessions 4-6
1530    Break
1600    Yueyue Wenren: Commonsense Morality in History: Stories Sealed in Amber
1730    Close
1800    Banquet

Parallel Sessions 1-3 (Friday 1330-1500)

1.            Urban China

  • Nellie Chu, DKU: “Just in Time” Capitalism: Transnational Subcontracting, Urban Villages, and Fast Fashion in Guangzhou, China
  • Mengqi Wang, DKU: The Clash of Homely Imaginations: Marriage House in Post-Reform China
  • Liqi Ren, DKU: Meaning in Absence: The Case of Tampon Use among Chinese Women
  • Qian Zhu, DKU: Creating “New Men” in Everyday Life: “New Villages” in China and The Cultural Politics of Accumulation

2.            Media, Mediums and the Sacred

  • Titas Chakraborty, DKU: Saari Gaan: Situating Boatmen in the Cultural World of Eighteenth Century Bengal Mysticism
  • Dave Hare, DKU: VR Affordances Expand Chinese VR Policy Outcomes
  • Seth Henderson, DKU: Offerings, Architectures, and Curses: A Conversation With Seth
  • Penelope Scott, XJTLU: The Concept of the Sacred in Ælfric’s Lives of Saints

3.            Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Relations

  • Zach Fredman, DKU: Making Our Friends at Home: China’s Hostel Program for U.S. Armed Forces during World War II
  • Jesse Olsavsky, DKU: Runaway Slaves, Abolitionists, and the Origins of Prison Abolitionism
  • Selina Lai-Henderson, DKU: Color Around the Globe: Langston Hughes, Black Internationalism, and Translation in China
  • Bryce Beemer, DKU: Creole Islam in the Shadow of Ethnic Cleansing: Histories of Myanmar’s Kaman Muslim Communities

Parallel Sessions 4-6 (Saturday 1330-1500)

4.            Politics, Values and Philosophy

  • Daniel Lim, DKU: Philosophy Through Machine Learning
  • Alex Oprea, ANU: Litigators and Legislators: The Role of Courts in Education Policy
  • Philip Santoso, DKU: The Nature and Meaning of the Left-Right Metaphor in Politics
  • Daniel J. Stephens, DKU: Value Pluralism and Later Mohist Ethics

5.            Media and the (Im)material

  • Tabe Bergman, XJTLU: Trump in the Chinese Media: A Content Analysis
  • Xuenan Cao, DKU: Irretrievable Documents: Fictions of Absented Presence
  • Kaley Clements, DKU: Low Hanging Fruit
  • Anna Greenspan, NYU Shanghai: China and the Wireless Wave

6.            Absence, Invisibility and Fraud

  • Yitzhak Lewis, DKU: Invisible Differences, or: What is Literary Marginality?
  • Ben Van Overmeire, DKU: Carnival in the Zen Temple: A Bakhtinian Interpretation of Janwillem van de Wetering’s Afterzen
  • Yuexi Liu, XJTLU: Hearing Voices: The Extended Mind in Evelyn Waugh’s The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold
  • Leksa Lee, NYU Shanghai: The Number One Fake Museum Under Heaven and the Embodied Experience of Realness in China